Award Ceremony "Violinist on the roof" will take place in Kremlin
XVI Award Ceremony "Violinist on the roof" which is granted by Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS will take place on 17th of December. Kremlin has been traditionally chosen as the venue of the Ceremony.
Star Project is happy to take care of the whole production of the event. The topic of the upcoming evening is Music and Jewish humor. Valdis Pelsh, Yana Churikova, Maxim Galkin and Petr Nalich will take part in the concert program.
So like Isaak Babel said:" Take a tuning fork and tune your ears".
More information about Ceremony:
The opening ceremony of EXPO-2017 delighted the spectators all over the world
A large-scale multimedia show on the occasion of the opening of the Expo in Astana, realized by Star Project company, struck by its technical and artistic solutions.

Jānis Endziņš, The commissioner of the exhibition in Latvia and the chairman of the board of the local chamber of commerce and industry, said during the interview that the opening ceremony made the most vivid impressions: "Very chic, very beautiful. If it can be compared with anything, it's like opening the Olympic Games!"

The International Bureau of Exhibitions was highly appreciated as well. Some delegates had the opportunity to evaluate the opening of the exhibition in person. Among them there are representatives of the management of the bureau. They are under impression and sure that Kazakhstan has established a high level of organization and holding of EXPO.

Dimitri Kerkentzes, Deputy of General Secretary of the International Maritime Organization: - It was a great pleasure for me to attend the opening ceremony of Astana EXPO 2017. It was a beautiful event, a powerful application with the intention of telling about "green" energy. Kazakhstan managed to show the importance of this exhibition. This will attract more visitors the next 3 months. Preparation for it was very thorough and professional.

Recording of the opening ceremony was received and used in its content by 385 Kazakhstani and foreign television and Internet broadcasters free of charge. The broadcast of the opening ceremony was watched by more than 270 thousand people on the official channel of the exhibition on Youtube and on the website of the exhibition. And these numbers are growing every day. Only during the first week of EXPO 2017 mass media means released 3 thousand materials, including the foreign ones - more than 700 publications.

The author of the article in the Turkish edition TRT Haber, impressed by the opening ceremony of the exhibition, describes it as spectacular and grandiose.

Journalist of Ekho Moskvy, Nair Aliyev noted that the very opening ceremony of the EXPO was just wonderful and lasted flawless.

The article "Seven Wonders of EXPO" in the publication Sputnik marks: "It is a pity that the opening ceremony takes place only once this fact makes upset those people that were short of time or could not come for other reasons."

A large audience also expressed their admiration for the broadcast of the show:

"Super! Very beautiful! Such a grand opening in Uraz! I was there ... ", - writes Alina Miranova.

Denis Gis notices: "I do not even know what kind of enthusiasm people get, that are located now near all this splendor!".

Such an assessment for the Star Project company is the best reward for the work done, all together with the 500 people line-up.
The whole world will see the birth of the energy of the future
Today, on June 9th, 2017 in Astana grandiose multimedia show will mark a great event of a global scale - solemn opening ceremony of the World Exhibition EXPO2017. To realize a unique project at the highest level, the producer company Star Project was invited.
The topic of the forthcoming exhibition " Future Energy " will be the best to uncover a multimedia performance with the effect of maximum immersion. The scenario of the show is built on the history of Energy as a primordial force, from the birth of the universe to modern fantasies about its future incarnation. In a large-scale setting, innovative scenic technologies are used: fascinating kinetic scenery will give the feeling of a constant transforming space, numerous voluminous light effects will create a convincing illusion of presence in an infinite universe. Decorative objects are synchronized with the actions of the artists, it will be reflected in the original choreography with the participation of the air drones ballet. More than 300 dancers and artists of the highest level will take part in the setting.
There will be unique soundtracks written specifically for each production. The opening ceremony will be watched over by a multi-million audience, including TV viewers from around the world, so all the multimedia effects are designed for the broadcast of the performance, which will not lose its entertainment even from the TV screen.
In the team of the Star Project company there are highly qualified specialists from Europe and Russia, such as: André Verleger, the author of the idea of the opening ceremony of EXPO-2017 and Tarmo Krimm, Technical Producer, Vyacheslav Kulaev, Director and Borislav Volodin, General Producer.
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